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4 Things VOIP Can Do That Normal Phones Can’t

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By now, you have probably heard about all the fantastic advantages that VOIP offers over a normal landline. For a small business there is simply no better option than switching to a VOIP system. The long term savings you will enjoy by switching to VOIP are already a huge incentive to make the move, but the benefits do not stop there. We have already had a look at what a VOIP system offers you, and how it compares to regular landlines, but the additional options available to users are simply mind-boggling.

In case you needed any more convincing, here are a few things that you can do with VOIP which a conventional landline system can only dream about.

1. Take your number with you

While you might be able to forward your calls to another phone from any landline, a VOIP phone takes this to a whole new level. Instead of simply forwarding your calls to another phone, you can use your VOIP phone wherever there is an internet connection. This means that you can literally take your number with you wherever you go. As a small business owner, you will be able to have a single phone number which you can use wherever you go, instead of having multiple phone numbers to ensure that your clients can reach you in various locations.

2. Cutting Costs

While there might be an initial outlay for new phones and any other necessary equipment, a VOIP phone system will significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on phone calls every month. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time making phone calls overseas. Where you would normally have to pay exorbitant fees for international calls, using a VOIP phone will not result in any additional call charges.

3. Voicemail made simple

We all hate listening to voicemail messages. Apart from the time and effort it requires to make sense of all your messages, you need to be a speed writer to jot down the numbers some callers ramble off in time and a code breaker to decipher a poor quality message. With VOIP, however, it is possible to have all of your voicemails transcribed into text or email messages. This means that you will have easy access to all of your messages at all times and you will be able to find important information, such as phone numbers, at a glance.

4. Make calls without your phone

This is one VOIP feature that no traditional phone service will ever be able to compete with. With a wide range of VOIP apps available, you will be able to make and receive phone calls without even having your phone with you. By using a laptop, tablet, desktop or Smartphone, you can take advantage of using your one VOIP business number in order to communicate with people around the world regardless of where you are.

While there are many merits to using a traditional phone system, VOIP offers numerous advantages, especially o smaller companies who need a professional and fully functioning system. VOIP provides you the flexibility and power to make the most out of your call, so consider switching over to VOIP today.

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