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The benefits of using VOIP

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The internet has become a large and thoroughly integrated part of the office and business environment. We use it for stocktaking, connecting with other people in different division of our business, running our finances and too many other aspects to mention. With almost every business on the planet running off the internet, it is no wonder that people are also switching from landline phones to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), taking advantage of the internet which is already in place to power their phones.

If you are wondering why you should shift from your landlines which are already installed in your office and is doing a stellar job, here are some areas in which it will never be able to compete with VOIP.

Ultimate portability

When talking about portability, you might argue that your office already uses a wireless handset on its landline. While this is a valid point, VOIP phone systems are not only wireless, but can be used virtually anywhere because of the number portability. This allows you to even use the same number while travelling, something that your landline will never be able to do.

Full Media Connectivity

With a VOIP setup, you will be able to connect to a host of additional services such as voice, fax, instant messages, images, video calls and much more. By integrating with other applications and protocols, your VOIP system will allow you to be in touch with your clients, co-workers and business partners like never before.

Perfect for expanding and downsizing

We would all ideally like to have a business that never stops growing, in terms of both a financial and a personnel point of view. With a VOIP setup you will be able to add as many handsets as you need without having to have additional lines installed. In the sad event of having to downsize your business, you will not be left with a lot of useless equipment. Because unnecessary VOIP lines can simply be reassigned or removed, you will always have the exact number of lines that you need.

Added functionality and features

While a landline will offer you little in terms of additional features, a VOIP system will give you a whole selection of features such as voicemail, call waiting, call transferring, conference calling and auto-attendant phone menus with the need for an expensive and complicated switchboard. When switching to a VOIP system you will be able to keep all of the features that you loved about your old system and enjoy a number of improvements and new features.

Cost saving

Although there are many business plans on offer for landlines, they can seldom compare to the fantastic savings that a VOIP system can offer. If you do a lot of international business, long distance phone calls can become horribly expensive. With a VOIP system the calls are transferred as data, meaning that you can call anywhere in the world without having to face an unexpected and massive phone bill at the end of the month. Although there might be a layout for the initial setup and purchase of equipment, a VOIP system will undoubtedly save you money in the long run.

Moving to VOIP is a simple, painless and smart move, which is why every business should consider making the switch. Get smart, and get VOIP.

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