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Choosing the best internet solution for you

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When you choose an internet solution, you might be wondering what the best option available might be. While there are a number of choices, the reality is that most people will normally only have the four options listed below. Trying to decide which of these services offer you the best internet solution is an impossible task. Each internet solution has its own pros and cons, which is why the choice should be made based on your personal needs. What will you be using your internet solution for, and where will you be using it?

By taking a look at the four different groups, you should be able to make a more informed decision on which solution will suit you best, and help you to


Limited mostly to the realms of smart phones and tablets, LTE is not really an option when it comes to choosing an internet solution for your home or business. Yes, it can be used as a backup system for when you really need to have a connection, but overall the costs associated with mobile data is simply too high to be a realistic internet solution.

While you might get some really amazing speed out of the 4G networks, the sad reality is that these networks are not available everywhere, and getting a decent signal is sometimes much more of a struggle than you might have thought. Some areas have no cell phone networks at all, making this an internet solution which should stay on your phone, and be used only when there is no WIFI around.


Traditional broadband has been around for quite a few years now, and from the humble beginnings of the dial up modem an internet powerhouse has emerged, providing an internet solution to the masses. With quick download speeds, ADSL quickly captured our hearts, and have in many ways revolutionised the way we do things. If you had told someone 30 years ago that you will be watching movies on your phone, they might have thought you were crazy.

The sad reality is that as we moved forward with our modern technological advancements, we have tons of devices that is connected to the internet. TVs, phones, tablets, computers, and even kitchen appliances are making use of the internet, which is why ADSL is slowly but surely starting to fall behind. The best average internet speed available through ADSL in South Africa is around 7 Mbps which is still quite quick, and why ADSL this is still a good internet solution for you if you do not live in an area where fibre is available. ADSL prices are also quite reasonable when compared to LTE.

Fibre Broadband:

Fibre broadband is an internet solution which is quickly making waves across the country, with cables being installed throughout many neighbourhoods, this lightning quick internet solution is the perfect answer to most of the internet needs of your business and private life. With speeds of up to 100 Mbps available, the decision on how much data you need and how fast you want it to be is up to you and the package you choose. The downfall of fibre is that it is not available everywhere, and you might very well live in an area where it is not an option.

Satellite internet:

This is the internet solution that you need if you are constantly moving location, working in remote locations, or live in an area where cell phone networks, fibre internet or ADSL is simply not an option. The benefit of satellite internet is that you will always have a reliable, stable connection, no matter where in the country your journeys might take you.

With these choices available, you will be able to choose an internet solution which is right for your business and personal life. Speed, reliability and availability is there no matter where you might be, you simply need to choose the best internet solution for your individual situation.

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