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Why chose a WIFI LAN system for your business?

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We have already discussed the advantages of choosing a wired LAN system for your office, but many companies choose to rather adopt a WIFI LAN system, a decision that presents its own set of benefits to the users. So without further ado, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider a WIFI LAN system in your home or office:

Reason 1: Full Access Anywhere

When installing a WIFI LAN system, you are giving access to areas that might present a problem if you had chosen a wired LAN system. For example, you can instantly and easily have an internet connection in the middle of your warehouse, without being restricted by wires. This would also improve access to information to workers that previously had no way of connecting to your LAN in these hard to reach places. Having WIFI LAN connection in the warehouse would provide accurate and instant real time updates of your stock levels.

Reason 2: Increased mobility. Increased collaboration

When you choose a WIFI LAN system, the first beauty of it is that it is wireless. This means that your employees can go anywhere in the office without having any restrictions place on their internet connection. It also means that people from different departments can collaborate effortlessly, and seamlessly.

Reason 3: Expansion Is No Problem

If you have a sudden expansion in your business, you might face the prospect of having to lay out a lot of money in order to accommodate your new workers on your wired LAN system. This includes having to lay new wires to their workstations, to having to completely rewire the system if you needed to move desk in order to accommodate to new staff members. With a WIFI LAN connection you can move the office around all you like, and your connection is already where you need it to be. This means there is no effort or cost associated with providing a connection to your workers when you decide to re-organising your office.

Reason 4: Guest Access

A WIFI LAN system allows you to offer your guests, secure and easy guest access to your network, offering an additional value added service. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this, as many coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and retailers offer you WIFI as a value added service. Other businesses can provide their clients and business partners with secure connection in order to guarantee your business is running smoothly.

Reason 5: Improved responsiveness

With a WIFI LAN system you will be able to attend to clients’ needs and queries immediately from within any division of your business without having to find an access point first. This also means that you can have all of your divisions connected and immediately up to date if your customer checkout system involves different departments and areas within your business such as a sales desk, the finance department for checkout and payment, and the warehouse for collection. Your client can be served smoothly and quickly.

So if you are considering installing a LAN system in your office, home or place of business, you might decide that a wireless WIFI LAN system is the way to go. Cantact us and find out what solution we can offer you.



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