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Logical Wireless offers high quality VSAT satellite solutions to the business, hospitality and private community on the African continent. Our satellite solutions brings connectivity to the remotest of areas, providing Internet , Data, and Voice on Ku & C-band platforms, via state of the art Teleports in Johannesburg and the United States.

Private Networks for Corporates with sites in remote areas in Africa and South Africa is made possible through VSAT and can be implemented within days, providing an exceptional competitive advantage.

VSAT stands for “Very Small Aperture Terminal”, which refers to the technology whereby data is sent and received via an antenna. The antenna size is typically 1.2m diameter for Ku-Band, or 2.4m diameter for C-Band. The difference between the two is the Frequency in which they operate. C-Band systems operate on a lower frequency (3-6 Ghz) and are therefore less affected by rain fade, however due to the size of the hardware they are more costly.

Ku Band systems operate on a higher Frequency (12-14 Ghz), and allow for smaller antennas, but depending on the power of the satellite can be affected by bad weather conditions.

A typical VSAT installation will consist of the following:

  • A satellite antenna capable of transmitting and receiving data.
  • A BUC (Block Up Converter) for transmitting.
  • An LNB (Low Noise Down Converter) for receiving.
  • Coaxial Cable from the antenna to the indoor modem.
  • A satellite Modem capable of receiving and transmitting data such as E-mails,

Key Benefits of Satellite

VSAT becomes a viable solution if a client requires any of the following:

  • Connectivity where ADSL or Cable cannot be accessed.
  • MPLS connectivity to remote areas
  • Always-on, fast broadband services.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Secure data transmission.
  • Independent of Government operators.
  • Fixed Monthly costs, available in a variety of packages.
  • Private, Professionally managed Teleport.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and support.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Single hop, direct access to International Internet Exchanges.