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Why the World Still Needs Faxes

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If you think about a fax, you immediately think of an obsolete technology which no longer has a place in the high tech world of today. While it might very well seem that this technology should have disappeared into the history books years ago, there are still more than 100 Million fax devices in use today. While there are many different reasons why this seemingly antiquated technology has persevered into the digital age and has not yet given way to email, the fact remains that faxes are here to stay, and will not be disappearing anytime soon.

Here are some of the top reasons why faxes are still around, and why your company needs to be able to send and receive fax messages.

1. Retro Charm

While this might not be the most compelling reason why faxes are no yet obsolete, the mere fact that you are sending a fax to a potential client can make you stand out from the rest of the digital masses.

2. Legally Binding

The nature of the T.30 fax protocol, in which two documents are accurately reproduced between two remote points and could reasonably be believed that they were not intercepted by a third party makes faxes legally binding.

3. Leaving a Traceable Paper Trail

Unlike an email which could get lost in the system and offers no real way of knowing that the intended recipient has indeed received an important message, outgoing faxes generate notifications which are delivered to the sender informing him about the status of the message he has sent.

4. Security

The T.30 fax protocol is a point to point system which allows any interference by a third party to be easily detected and the transfer to fail. This is also the main reason why faxes are legally binding, as well as one of the main reasons why this technology still persists to this day.

5. Some industries still require faxes

There is still to this day a definite need for faxes, especially in the healthcare, financial and legal industries. Some requirements in the medical field state that all documents being sent between parties need to be secure, and while email may not be seen as such, faxes are.

6. You can integrate faxes into your office with ease

Using faxes does not necessarily mean that you have to be sitting next to an antiquated machine churning out reams of paper. With technologies such as Faxter, you will be able to receive and send faxes with as much ease as sending emails. Even though you lose the inconvenience and the masses of paper associated with faxes, you still retain everything that makes faxes the indispensible business tool that they are.

You will still have the security, legal compliance and auditable paper trail that traditional faxes offer, as well as a few added benefits. Because the faxes are captured digitally, you will have the ability to search fax content, keep your fax number and migrate your fax machines to desktop. While its time has not yet passed, there is no need to still treat faxes as an outdated technology.


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